LED Marquee Sign Usage

The first priority for the signs is to give important instructions and information to ensure public safety during emergencies including, but not limited to, storm preparedness, road closures, and police and fire emergencies. During such emergencies, use of the signs by other groups as outlined below may be restricted or suspended at the discretion of the Mayor, City Manager, or Police Chief.

It shall be the responsibility of the City Secretary to approve, prepare, schedule, and post all messages on the marquee.

The following application process is adopted for all non-city department messages.

Eligible Messages

The following type of organizations may apply for placing messages on the marquee:

  • City of Abernathy and other government agencies located within the city;
  • Civic and civic improvement organizations located within the city;
  • Community service organizations located within the city;
  • Non-profit organizations that submit copy of IRS form 501c3 located within the city;
  • Schools located within the city;
  • Organizations that are sponsoring activities within the city such as youth activities, public health activities, and matters related to safety; and
  • Other similar organizations approved by the Mayor or City Secretary.

Non-Eligible Messages

Messages will not be accepted from the following:

  • Businesses or commercial announcements, promotions, or messages;
  • Individuals for birthdays, anniversaries, or other personal messages with the exception of “Welcome Home” greetings to any Abernathy resident returning from active duty service with the US Military upon written request;
  • Campaign or political announcements or messages other than date & time for elections;
  • Religious institutions and organizations which promote the institution or organization for religious services, religious affairs, or religious messages. However, subject to conditions of approval, religious institutions and organizations may place m messages announcing charity events, fundraising events, community service events, and similar activities providing that all events are of an entirely non-religious nature, serve a community non-religious benefit, and are open to all members of the general public.

Marquee Message Guidelines

  • The City Secretary shall prepare and maintain an application for message requests;
  • City of Abernathy messages will have priority over all outside requests;
  • The organization must clearly serve or promote an educational, charitable, or public service event or purpose;
  • The message must clearly serve or promote an educational, charitable, or public service event or purpose;
  • An application must be submitted no less than fourteen (14) days prior to posting date and completed applications will be processed on a first-received basis. The City Secretary may require less time depending on staff’s ability to process, create, and schedule messages;
  • Applicant may review message prior to scheduling of message. Once message is scheduled, alterations, corrections, and changes will depend on staff’s ability to make those changes in a timely manner. Not all applications will be processed same day as received;
  • External messages will have a maximum of fourteen (14) days of run time, number of displays per hour depending on total number of messages scheduled for that day unless otherwise approved by the City Secretary;
  • The City Secretary has the sole discretion to accept or reject the request and/or the content of the message, as well as the ability to alter the text accordingly to fit the sign design;
  • The City of Abernathy does not guarantee quality of appearance or effectiveness of the message;
  • The City of Abernathy does not guarantee your message will be placed on the marquee;
  • If an individual or organization’s application is denied, the appeal will first go to the City Manager who will review and make a recommendation. If individual or organization is still not satisfied, the appeal may go before the Abernathy City Council.

(Adopted by order of the Mayor, February 17, 2017.)

City of Abernathy Electronic Message Board Request Application

Basic Details

Contact Person(Required)
Location of Event(Required)

Dates Requesting to Display Message

MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Applications must be received at least fourteen (14) days prior to requested message start date.
Using the field below, enter the message as you would like to see it appear on the sign. The City reserves the right to edit/abbrevate if necessary. Spaces count as a character.
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