Racial Profiling Reports

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) collects incident-based data in accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.131 – 2.138. To view the Texas Law Enforcement Agency Racial Profiling Reports submitted to TCOLE, please visit tcole.texas.gov/content/racial-profiling-reports.

Abernathy Police Chiefs

Jay Daniel1959
Willard Opp1961
Richard RoeAugust 1962
Bill WilkinsonJune 1963
Frank ChapmanJune 1965
Troy CoonSeptember 1965
Frank RussellJuly 1971
Charles CoatsJanuary 1976
Clyde VandygriffOctober 1976
Jimmy WilliamsDecember 1980
Ray NaronApril 1981
Harvey GradyMarch 1991
Luis LopezJanuary 1997
Johnny CochranDecember 1999
Luis VillarrealJune 2001
John BallardDecember 2008
Cameron BowmanAugust 2012
Luis VillarrealSeptember 2017
Dwain ReadMarch 2020
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