Sales Tax

JurisdictionLocal CodeTypeTax Rate
City of Abernathy2095024City0.0150%
Hale County4095006County0.0050%
Lubbock County4152006County0.0050%
State of Texas Sales Tax0.0625%
Total Tax Rate0.0825%

Property Tax (City of Abernathy)

Fiscal YearAd Valorem Tax Rate
2009$0.5000/$100 valuation
2010$0.5382/$100 valuation
2011$0.5382/$100 valuation
2012$0.5382/$100 valuation
2013$0.5382/$100 valuation
2014$0.5382/$100 valuation
2015$0.5693/$100 valuation
2016$0.5693/$100 valuation
2017$0.5900/$100 valuation
2018$0.5900/$100 valuation
2019$0.5900/$100 valuation
2020$0.5900/$100 valuation
2021$0.5900/$100 valuation

Property Tax Documents

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